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Be Certain That Your Projects Will Be Profitable and On-Time

Get guidance & knowledge through the contractor purchasing process.

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We provide wire, cable and cable management products for the solar industry. 

Have you been frustrated by suppliers who:

  • Don't communicate with you?

  • Make promises but don't deliver?

  • Don't deliver product on time?

  • Are not in a hurry to quote you?

Stop waiting on late shipments
Stop multiple project overwhelm

Purchasing the products you need shouldn't be hard!

At PCWC we'll treat your projects like our own!

Get Certainty with PCWC

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 We are interested in what you do and how we can help.


35+ years of Industry experience in solar, fiber optics and so much more.

Trusted Partners

We supply you with the brands you trust for on time completion. 

"I have worked with Greg Lafayette and Pacific Coast Wire and Cable since their founding and have worked with Greg much longer. Greg and his companies have provided valuable knowledge and material services to our firm for many years and have always acted in our best interest providing very competitive pricing and exceptional service. I manage our Renewable division and have and will continue to rely on Greg for our renewable energy supply needs."

Ray Robertson, P.E.

Vice President, Engineering and Renewables

Contra Costa Electric, Inc. an EMCOR Company



You can be certain that your purchasing experience will be timely & profitable. 

Our customers say so!


Hello, My name is Greg Lafayette

One of the hardest jobs I know of is purchasing for construction projects.

I know, because I have felt your pain of having to get everything to come together at the right time, delivered, and Installed.

That is why I have committed resources and time to make sure it does not happen as our customer.

  • 35+ years in the distribution industry

  • Electrical wholesale background

  • Strong background in the Solar Industry

We don't just care about your project, we care about you!

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"Since my first involvement with Greg Lafayette back in 2014, I have found their commitment to added value and on-time delivery unparalleled in the Solar PV industry.  Their focus on developing sincere relationships, understanding client needs, and executing strategies to minimize pain points sets them apart from the competition.  I recommend Pacific Coast Wire and Cable without reservations and encourage anyone looking for the best price, value, and schedule commitment to consider them as your first choice."

Dan Noren, Ph.D, P.E.

Director of Engineering - Cypress Creek Renewables

We know you have choices when it comes to finding a supplier, we would like a shot at serving you......

At Pacific Coast Wire and Cable we know the uncertainty of project development and construction. We understand the complexity of getting the right product at a competitive price delivered on time. We apply our expertise and experience to increase certainty and simplify the process so you can complete more projects on time and increase profitability. We know that you may have a company that you are already working with and we understand that. We would like you to consider us for a plan B. I know that you will like the service you get. Training a new distributor to fill your needs can seem daunting. No worries we know that trust takes time and we need to prove ourselves. We want you to be our customer for life not just for one sale. We don’t want to just have another transaction we want a relationship. The supply chain right now is very unpredictable and slow at times. We understand that frustration. Give us a shot at getting you what you need in a tight time frame. We are a great resource for tough-to-find products we are resourceful. We will find someone who can fill the need you have. You might be thinking that all wire and cable distributors are the same. They sell the same things, from the same companies. Not all wire and cable distributors are created equal. Service will always set us apart. We have outworked and out-served our competitors and we have satisfied customers that have said so. No matter if you are working on a large utility-scale project, commercial building project, or residential solar system we are here to serve you.

Call (877) 460-9473