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Fiber Optic Training Courses

Get the confidence that your technicians know how to terminate fiber properly.

Projects that have mistakes are costing you money, time, and your reputation.


Not having the properly trained technicians to work with copper or fiber forces you to hire outside contractors. 


Is this FRUSTRATING you?

With proper training, you will keep more money in the bottom line.


"We want your company to be knowledgeable and successful in all things fiber optic"

                                                                   Dan Payne

Meet Dan Payne

The director and chief instructor of Pacific Coast Wire and Cable's training division.

Dan has 35+ years of industry experience in the private and public sector teaching technicians how to buy, install, splice, and terminate fiber optic and copper cable. 

  • 35 + years experience

  • Department of Defense

  • Certified over 3000 technicians

  • Created certification programs

  • Created municipal guidelines

  • BICSI Corporate Member

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Pacific Coast Wire & Cable
Provides Training To Solve Your Problem!

Fiber and Copper Training

On The Job Training



Emergency Testing & Consulting

Fusion Splicing 

Custom Classes

Ongoing Education

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Imagine if educated technicians, inspectors, and instalers could save you time and make you more money.
Here are a few....
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